Condor - Condor (2014 Reissue) (LP)

Condor - Condor (2014 Reissue) (LP)

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Kolbotn, a small, quiet place on the outskirts of Oslo (N), has for years been synonymous with quality metal; DARKTHRONE, AURA NOIR, LAMENTED SOULS, OBLITERATION, NEKROMANTHEON etc. all have roots there. The latest addition to this highly potent list is CONDOR. After their very promising debut EP Speedwagon, which was released on ltd. vinyl through Fenriz' Album Of The Month imprint, their self-titled debut album is finally ready. A 30-minute riff-fest of thrashing oldschool mania, with a highly organic in-your-face sound, CONDOR is a fresh break from all the copy-paste Cubase metal out there. Like their very namesake plucking a carrion clean, CONDOR strip away all unnecessary frills, going straight for the jugular with their no-bullshit real metal.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Rising Terror
  3. Blood Fever
  4. Pagan Ritual
  5. Prophecies of Death and Destruction
  6. The Possessor
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Chant of Madness
  9. Outro


Every song on this album is a neck-snapping classic of old school thrash. I hear elements of all the old scenes; Bay area, Canadian, Teutonic, etc. The is true thrash delivered with conviction and boldness that very few of their contemporaries can match. - 5/5