Conflict - It's Time to See Who's Who Now (1985 Edition) (CD)

Conflict - It's Time to See Who's Who Now (1985 Edition) (CD)

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In 1983 CONFLICT released It's Time To See Who's Who, their debut album, on CRASS-related Corpus Christi. Within a year or two complications set in... many rumours and stories but the end result was CONFLICT deciding to re-record most of the original songs in November 1985. It wasn't released however until 1994!

So this is not a reissue of the first album, and they are not simply covering the original songs:
1824 Overture and Crazy Governments are gone, Whichever Way You Want It, Conflict and Berkshire Cunt are added.


Track listing

  1. Berkshire Cunt
  2. No Island of Dreams
  3. Conflict
  4. Great What?
  5. The Guilt and the Glory
  6. One Nation Under a Bomb / Blind Attack
  7. Vietnam Serenade / Blood Morons
  8. Exploitation
  9. Meat Means Murder
  10. Whichever Way You Want It