Conflict - Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI (T-Shirt)

Conflict - Only Stupid Bastards Help EMI (T-Shirt)

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Conflict created this slogan in response to New Model Army signing to EMI for their second LP in 1985. EMI had merged with Thorn in '79 to form Thorn-EMI - a huge company, and not just music and videos, it was one of the UK's largest defense and security companies, dealing arms during the height of the cold war.

NMA builds bombs for EMI and support apartheid's foundations.

EMI ownership moved to various companies in 2011... first to multinational bank Citibank, then Universal (for recorded music); and Sony, Mubadala, and other multi-billion pound companies (for publishing). It's distribution arm EMI Label Services merged with formerly-independent Caroline in the 90's and currently cooperates with several well-known metal labels...

The names change, the companies merge and split, but their actions and motivations remain. The message is as relevant today as ever.

Now they're being led astray again, forgetting the battle we are facing
It's showtime, but you're supporting the foundations we are kicking.