Conspiracy - Reincarnated (Digipak CD) Conspiracy - Reincarnated (Digipak CD)

Conspiracy - Reincarnated (Digipak CD)

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Debut CONSPIRACY album.


Track listing

  1. Virgin's Blood
  2. Reincarnated
  3. United in Hate
  4. Demonic Harmonies
  5. Carpathian
  6. Funerary #1
  7. Collapse into the WWIII
  8. Brothers of Black Metal


The fact that much of the material technically has been in the works for 10 years in no way makes the raging black metal of "Reincarnated" sound dated. Rather, the style is roots-based, yet somewhat modern. A strong production that emphasizes riff crunch and instrument clarity helps the affair without causing it to lose its raw black metal edge. Mr. Wolf has successfully combined thrashy black metal with a strong sense of melody, resulting in eight tuneful and ripping tracks. - 4/5