Convulse - Evil Prevails (CD) Convulse - Evil Prevails (CD)

Convulse - Evil Prevails (CD)

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Finnish death metal quartet CONVULSE are commonly known as one of the most classic bands from the first wave of Finnish death metal, with the debut album World Without God being one of the most collectible items of the era. But this past January's comeback EP Inner Evil, recorded after an 18-year break, proved that the group can still cut it.

Led by guitarist and growler Rami Jamsa with original bass player Juha Telenius and newer recruits Kristian Kangasniemi (guitar) and Rolle Markos (drums), CONVULSE spent the whole of August locked away in an old-fashioned analog studio, recording what was to become Evil Prevails. Rami Jamsa describes the album as a "fascinating combination of old-school death metal, lightning-fast thrashing parts, some blastbeats here and there, and even ultra-slow doom elements. The CONVULSE of the year 2013 is heavier and meaner than ever before. This album is a rebirth as much as it is continuation of the old-school spirit."


Track listing

  1. We Kill Our Kind
  2. Unholy War
  3. World Downfall
  4. God is Delusion
  5. Evil Prevails
  6. Days are Dark
  7. Reborn in Chaos
  8. Oceans of Dust


To put it simply, this is one hell of an album, and I cannot be happier that CONVULSE is back and fully charged to helm the Finnish, or Nokia, scene again. They show, in a very skilled and masterful way, that Death Metal can be old school but still be open to take influences from other genres and make for music that is truly refreshing, pleasantly surprising, and just good fun to listen to. "Evil Prevails" definitely makes it into my top ten albums of the year. - 4/5