Craft - Void (CD)

Craft - Void (CD)

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It has been 6 long years of waiting for CRAFT-disciples since the release of the critically acclaimed "Fuck The Universe" album but now CRAFT's long awaited new opus, entitled "Void", will finally be unleashed upon mankind.


Track listing

  1. Intro (John's Nightmare)
  2. Serpent Soul
  3. Come Resonance of Doom
  4. The Ground Surrenders
  5. Succumb to Sin
  6. Leaving the Corporal Shade
  7. I Want to Commit Murder
  8. Bring on the Clouds
  9. Void


So, was it worth waiting? Of course it was, it's Craft we're talking about and if you intend to listen to some good old traditional black metal with a better production (without alienating the more traditional vibe they want to bring forth) then these Swedish terrorists are your cup of radioactive tea. - 5/5