Crass - 10 Notes on a Summer's Day (2019 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

Crass - 10 Notes on a Summer's Day (2019 Reissue) (Digipak CD)

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Remastered by Alex Gordon at Abbey Road Studios, as close as possible to the sound of the original release.
"as it was in the beginning"

10 Notes On A Summer's Day were written in Summer 1984 and the music worked on and recorded in the Winter of that year and on and off throughout 1985. 10 Notes represents Crass's last 'formal' recording. We shall continue to make statements both individually and as a group, yet no longer feel oliged to be limited by the inward looking format of the 'band'.
Crass were: Steve Ignorant, vocals... Eve Libertines, vocals... Joy de Vivre, vocals... Phil Free, guitars... Pete Wright, bass... Penny Rimbaud, drums... G Sus, viduals... Mick Duffield, films and, with love and respect, B.A. Nana who went his own way in Summer 1984.
The recording engineers on 10 Notes were John Loder, Anders Frandsen, Michael McDowell and Mel Jefferson, who also engineered the mix. The keyboards were played by Penny Rimbaud. All work was undertaken at Southern Studios.


Track listing

  1. 10 Notes On A Summer's Day (Vocal Mix)
  2. 10 Notes On A Summer's Day (Instrumental Mix)