Crass - Love Songs (Paperback Book)

Crass - Love Songs (Paperback Book)

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"Our love of life is total,
everything we do is an expression of that,
everything that we write is a love song."
- Yes Sir, I Will.

CRASS: a rural-based anarchist collective formed in 1977 of a diverse and eclectic group of individuals who operated for several years using art, literature, film and music as vehicles to share information and ideas. They also wanted to change the world.

This is a collection of words spanning those seven short years; a book of shock slogans and mindless token tantrums. An anthology of passionate love songs that sought to inspire a generation... and succeeded.

This project is being done with the full co-operation of CRASS members.

Love Songs was published on Valentine's Day - the perfect gift for those who love life.