Craven Idol - Ethereal Altars (CD)

Craven Idol - Ethereal Altars (CD)

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Cultivated in the subterranean lairs of England's capital, CRAVEN IDOL is the coven sworn to the cause of the elder dead... Heavily indebted to cults such DESTROYER 666, POISON (Ger), ABSU and early BATHORY. Now the seals have been broken once more, and five newly crafted chalices are ready to be raised!


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Tiamatic Reprisal
  3. Burial Zenith
  4. Desolate Tomb of the Trinity
  5. Lured by Ethereal Altars
  6. The Pact


Ethereal Altars is a fairly well honed statement of blasphemy, with all the parts in place for a successful band of this category, but it does lack a little in the way of truly memorable writing. The riffs are pleasantly vile, but not deliciously so. There's not a lot of ambition, but the band at least compensates with atmosphere. If you're a big fan of the rosters of Hell's Headbangers or Nuclear War Now! labels, then Craven Idol is something you will want to check out. They compare favorable to bands like Nunslaughter and Blasphemophager, although they're not quite as extreme or chaotic. - 3/5