Cross Stitched Eyes - II (Digipak CD)

Cross Stitched Eyes - II (Digipak CD)

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Formed end of summer 2005; the year of no lord; in a cold and wet pale white room with red plastic laminated floor, that looked more like a psychiatry than a practise room. Hence the putrid morbit aura of this surrounding, the idea was set to bring together the elements of old 80'ties death rock and anarcho punk heavy inspired by such old Bands as RUDIMENTARY PENI, AMEBIX to cross with KILLING JOKE and JOY DIVISION. We consist of people from far away countries of all directions with members related to ZYGOTE, UK SUBS, ENEMIES, ANGER OF BACTERIA, SUBHUMANS etc. We say that this rocks, think PENI with crusty overtones and KILLING JOKE production.


Track listing

  1. Cross
  2. Become Earth
  3. Face
  4. Cast Out II
  5. End
  6. Rot
  7. Suffer
  8. Stitched
  9. Cast Out
  10. Shell
  11. Become Earth
  12. Stitched II
  13. Eye