Crucifiction - Portals to the Beyond (CD)

Crucifiction - Portals to the Beyond (CD)

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Full length album of the Greek ultimate brutal old school death metal ever!!! Created by members of GOATVOMIT, NAER MATARON, PERDITION TEMPLE, ANGELCORPSE. Mastered by Colin Davis (VILE). Recomented for fans of MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, SUFFOCATION.


Track listing

  1. Pillars of Ancient Darkness
  2. The Scourging Wreath
  3. Beyond the Sacrificial Chambers
  4. Spheres of Extinction
  5. Unearthly Womb of Malevolent Structures
  6. The Downward Journey
  7. On the Wings of Hellspawn
  8. They Come in Slumber
  9. Wrecked in Oblivion
  10. Threshold to the Lethargy of Stars
  11. Perennial Hecatomb