Crucifix - Visions of Nihilism (CD)

Crucifix - Visions of Nihilism (CD)

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Early Texan death metal! In the vein of other early brual death bands like BAPHOMET and SUFFOCATION. Formed in 1989 and recorded three demos between 1991 and 1994. All three are collected here, remastered! The CD is named after what would have been their debut LP, they split up before recording.


Track listing

  1. Submit to Earth
  2. Succeeding the Reign
  3. Barriers
  4. Vaporized
  5. Anatomy Catastrophe
  6. Left to Rot
  7. Devious Conceptions
  8. The Beast Within
  9. Addiction
  10. Born in Amity
  11. Poor Rich Man