Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted (2003 Reissue) (CD)

Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted (2003 Reissue) (CD)

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Classic crossover thrash from CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER!! Convicted is their first album released originally in 1986. Quintessential crossover comparable with D.R.I. - furious hardcore slamming into early thrash metal!

Bonus Material:
LIFE IN GRAVE (DEMO 1985) - The debut and only demo by C.S.!!


Track listing

  1. M.A.D.
  2. Little World
  3. Sudden Death
  4. Lowlife
  5. Rage to Kill
  6. Rest in Pain
  7. Nuclear Future
  8. State Control
  9. Hypocrite
  10. War to the Knife
  11. Nation of Hate
  12. Black and White
  13. Reich of Torture
  14. Convicted
  15. Flesh of the Wrench Bonus
  16. Necessity Supreme Bonus
  17. Life in Grave Bonus
  18. War to the Knife Bonus
  19. Rest in Pain Bonus
  20. Set Your Own Pace Bonus
  21. Positively Bonus
  22. Black and White Bonus
  23. Lowlife Bonus