Crypticus - They Called Me Mad (CD)

Crypticus - They Called Me Mad (CD)

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The moonlight shines into the secret shafts & awakens The CRYPTICUS once more! After 3 years sequestered in the unholy secrecy of the Filth Chamber, Patrick Bruss has unearthed the dreaded sequel to his first album... A supernatural symphony of sickness, madness & obsession whose title must serve as a warning to all mankind: "THEY CALLED ME MAD"!
Imagine Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft locked up in a haunted house while jamming early-DISMEMBER, DEMIGOD, ABHORRENCE(Fin), DEMILICH, GRAVE.


Track listing

  1. Strange Facts in the Case of P.E. Bruss
  2. Elaborate Funerals
  3. Astrophobos
  4. Sceptic Species
  5. Rotting Masters
  6. Lurkers in the Lab
  7. Moat of Blood
  8. Lost Among Dead Trees
  9. The Shunned House
  10. Plasmic Eaters
  11. Unnatural Science
  12. They Called Me Mad