Cult of Daath - Doomed by the Witch (Cassette)

Cult of Daath - Doomed by the Witch (Cassette)

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The five songs on this new demo show the band moving yet another step forward compositionally. While still retaining the razor assault of their previous work, the new songs are more measured, calculated, and diverse than on any of their previous releases. Though the recording quality is not that of a formal album release, the sound on this demo is professional, capturing the band in their most natural and visceral form. The many influences in CoD's sound are distinctly audible yet filtered and transmuted in such a way that, when listening to their work, there can be no disputing the fact that they are among the very few U.S. black metal bands to have defined for themselves a genuine identity. Beginning with a foundation evoking the pioneers of early first wave black metal such as BATHORY and HELLHAMMER, CoD manage to incorporate the aggressive precision of early death metal such as POSSESSED, the hateful and malefic occult aura of early Mayhem and Darkthrone, and the victorious majesty of Greek black metal such as VARATHRON. The mention of these various names does little to convey the overall effect of CoD's music, however, as the summation of these influences produces, in CoD, a sound that cannot be readily compared to any other band.


Track listing

  1. From Temple to Abyss
  2. Rumination I
  3. Doomed by the Witch
  4. Spell Thrust
  5. As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ (Profanatica cover)


There's no real need for any sort of in depth genre discussion or debate here, their influences are obvious and their sound clear. In hand with something of a NWOBHM feel to a lot of their guitar work (take a listen to Inhuman Sacrifice from Slit Throats and Ritual Nights!), there's clear early Bathory, early Darkthrone and Ildjarn influence. Beherit, Impiety, Blasphemy and Conqueror can be heard here... - 5/5