Cult of Fire - Triumvirat (Digifile CD) Cult of Fire - Triumvirat (Digifile CD)

Cult of Fire - Triumvirat (Digifile CD)

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New formation of unholy black metal from the Czech Republic with members of Zlo and Dark Storm, and live member of Maniac Butcher!

The fantastic debut album from the new Czech masters of atmospheric Black Metal. Following in the epic tradition of early Master's Hammer and Root, and already gaining much attention for their visually stunning live performances, Cult of Fire are one of the most interesting names coming out of eastern Europe right now. Featuring more than 22 minutes of bonus material; one extra song from the album sessions plus their debut 10" EP!


Track listing

  1. Zavet Svetu
  2. Satan Mentor
  3. Cerna Aura
  4. Horizont Temnoty
  5. Z Jicnu Propasti
  6. Sluhove Vecneho
  7. Triumvirat
  8. Navrat Zrneho Zla
  9. Bytosti Z Prazdnoty


Of course, the music style follows the Black Metal blueprints (even if Devilish's vocals carry an eerie and distinct timbre), but the album's occult-like atmosphere sends horror waves creating aesthetics of the really good 60s/ 70s Hammer Film Productions movies. The nine songs of this album have plenty mid-tempo breaks, melodic arpeggios and aggressive drumming topping off the aforementioned atmosphere. - 5/5