Cultfinder - Hell's Teeth (CD)

Cultfinder - Hell's Teeth (CD)

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The final release by CULTFINDER!


Track listing

  1. Heathen Visions
  2. All Conquering Death
  3. The Devil's Whore
  4. Morbid Breed
  5. Drink to the Devil
  6. Unholy Orders
  7. The Scourging Angel


I would highly recommend this album to people who just can't get enough of the old school Black Metal and Thrash Metal bands. There's no denying that anybody who needs something more than what those two genres have to offer will be sorely disappointed with Hell's Teeth. Cultfinder are enjoyable to listen to and this release definitely has that feel to it that it's not too far off from what a Cultfinder show would sound like. They may not be trying to tread new ground here but they are pretty damn good at making Blackened Thrash Metal or Thrashened Black Metal or whatever you want to call it. - 3/5