Cut Hands - Volume 4 (LP) Cut Hands - Volume 4 (LP)

Cut Hands - Volume 4 (LP)

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Completing the four-volume series of albums, Volume 4 comes in a beautiful special edition on 180 gram vinyl mastered by Noel Summerville and featuring the magical veve artwork of Mimsy DeBlois, in a one-off pressing of 750 copies. A reclamation of the conscious from opener "Eat Them Like Bread" right until the final entrancing morbid spell of "Nine-Night."

Originally inspired by Haitian vaudou musicians' capacity to make intensely powerful music with almost no technology, William Bennett first deployed his obscure collection of percussion instruments on the classic Wriggle Like A Fucking Eel.


Track listing

  1. Eat Them Like Bread
  2. El Palo Mayombe
  3. Black Mamba
  4. Inchantment
  5. River Mumma
  6. 54 Needles
  7. Nzambi Ia Ngonde
  8. Nine-Night