Cwealm - Odes to No Hereafter (CD)

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Life is nothing; death, everything.

There was a golden age in the mid-90s when Sweden has created a real musical genre also called Swedish melodic death black metal movement. Following Dissection masters, a series of extremely interesting bands (like UNANIMATED, SACRAMENTUM, VINTERLAND, MÖRK GRYNING, LORD BELIAL etc.) largely promoted by the cult label No Fashion Records have taken hold. Melody, power, great technical compositions and glacial atmospheres were the common denominators of this new sound, the same one that tody masterfully succeeds in reviving CWEALM, Swedish one-man band, with the debut album 'Odes to No hereafter'.


Track listing

  1. Saktmörkret
  2. Pale Maleficence
  3. Wither, Tainted Crown
  4. Serpent of Rebirth
  5. Black Gall (Poisoned Arrows)
  6. Nidhuggs Hymn
  7. The Transcendent One
  8. Kadavret
  9. Ödesdödens kalk


The songs are full of technical up-tempo riffs, progressive guitar riddles, and great guitar and keyboard solos and the man simply doesn't drop any stitches... All in all Odes To No Hereafter is an excellent debut and an excellent album of its kind - 4/5