D.R.I. - The Dirty Rotten CD (Millennium Edition) (CD) D.R.I. - The Dirty Rotten CD (Millennium Edition) (CD)

D.R.I. - The Dirty Rotten CD (Millennium Edition) (CD)

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This is where it all began. Where the legend started. D.R.I. defined hardcore, shaped it, molded it and made it their own, crafting a raw musical form into a focused weapon, they released a record that would rarely be bettered and never surpassed. Regarded by many as one of the best and most influential hardcore records ever committed to vinyl, The Dirty Rotten LP is finally re-issued on CD remixed and remastered, and finally given the release it so truly deserves. Besides the classic first LP the CD also contains the Violent Pacification EP, the legendary VATS recording sessions, the bands first live radio session recorded for KPFT Houston in 1982, rare, rarely heard radio interview footage. And if that wasn't enough, also includes interactive video footage from the bands first show at the home of hardcore, CBGB's, in 1983. One of the most famous records in hardcore history just got better. Essential for metal-heads and HC kids alike!


Track listing

  1. I Don't Need Society
  2. Commuter Man
  3. Plastique
  4. Why
  5. Balance Of Terror
  6. My Fate To Hate
  7. Who Am I
  8. Money Stinks
  9. Human Waste
  10. Yes Ma'am
  11. Dennis's Problem
  12. Closet Punk
  13. Reaganomics
  14. Sad To Be
  15. War Crimes
  16. Busted
  17. Draft Me
  18. F.D.R.C.
  19. Capitalist Suck
  20. Misery Loves Company
  21. No Sense
  22. Blockhead
  23. Rather Be Sleeping (VATS Demo)
  24. No People (VATS Demo)
  25. Snap (Comp)
  26. Explorer (Comp)
  27. Running Around
  28. Couch Slouch
  29. To Open Closed Doors
  30. Violent Pacification
  31. Radio Interview #1 Part 1
  32. We Are US (Demo)
  33. I Don't Need Society
  34. Radio Interview #1 Part 2
  35. Blockhead (Demo)
  36. Radio Interview #1 Part 3
  37. Radio Interview #2 Part 1
  38. Commuter Man (Demo)
  39. Radio Interview #2 Part 2
  40. Yes Ma'am (Live)
  41. Nursing Home Blues (Live)
  42. Money Stinks (Live)
  43. Louie Louie (Live)
  44. Radio Interview #2 Part 3