Danzig - Danzig (CD)

Danzig - Danzig (CD)

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Singer Glenn Danzig had been a favorite in the underground punk scene since the '70s, with a pair of influential outfits, the MISFITS and SAMHAIN. Big-time fans of Danzig's work were the members of METALLICA, who constantly sported shirts of Danzig's bands past and present, sparking widespread interest for his 1988 major label debut, simply titled Danzig. Rounding out the band was SAMHAIN bassist Eerie Von, ex-BLACK FLAG/CIRCLE JERKS drummer Chuck Biscuits, and newcomer John Christ on guitar.


Track listing

  1. Twist of Cain
  2. Not of this World
  3. She Rides
  4. Soul on Fire
  5. Am I Demon
  6. Mother
  7. Possession
  8. End of Time
  9. The Hunter
  10. Evil Thing


Glenn Danzig has built up a new unit that's so damn powerful, so relentlessly brutal, it staggers the senses just to comprehend. The ensemble drives forth with a new force, an ambitious direction and absolutely ferocious power. Glenn's vocals have matured with age; his croons are commanding expressions of the full range of his voice...the music explodes with a vigorous combination of hooks and punches that wallop a tight, clean drive; a forceful nucleus of hard rocking energy. All together Danzig provide a heavy dose of pure entertainment that has awesome momentum and pile-driving fury. Danzig becomes more impressive with every listen. - 5/5