Dark Castle - Surrender to All Life Beyond Form (CD)

Dark Castle - Surrender to All Life Beyond Form (CD)

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Easily the most all-encompassing and dynamic work the duo of guitarist / vocalist Stevie Floyd and drummer Rob Shaffer have delivered, Surrender to All Life Beyond Form finally captures the essence of DARK CASTLE the way it was meant to be portrayed; through the vast energy and uncompromising heaviness of their highly praised live show.
Recorded and produced by Sanford Parker, who has given DARK CASTLE their best sounding output to date, DARK CASTLE's brand of doom metal is unique in a way that the songs don't depend on long, plunging drawn out pieces to create the effect the duo harness, but instead create an overwhelming sense of heavy dark atmosphere through a series of vicious, pummeling, and progressively structured songs that bleed together seamlessly to create an opus that will unforgivingly take hold of the listener without mercy. By combining a sense of deep spirituality and a very dark bludgeoning monolithic doom metal aesthetic at this album's core, Surrender to All Life Beyond Form will serve as one of the most intriguing doom metal albums of the year.
Featuring guest appearances by Mike Scheidt of YOB, Blake Judd of NACHTMYSTIUM, Nate Hall of U.S. CHRISTMAS, and Sanford Parker himself, along with the album being adorned by some of the most beautiful and stunning artwork courtesy of Stevie Floyd herself


Track listing

  1. Surrender to All Life Beyond Form
  2. Stare into Absence
  3. Create an Impulse
  4. Seeing Through Time
  5. Heavy Eyes
  6. Spirit Ritual
  7. To Hide Is to Die
  8. I Hear Wind
  9. Learning to Unlearn