Darkest Oath - Libations to the Ancient Goat (CD) Darkest Oath - Libations to the Ancient Goat (CD)

Darkest Oath - Libations to the Ancient Goat (CD)

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In 1992 there was created a Greek band called CEREMONY which was consumed by Jim Necrochrist (bass-vocals), Vasilis (guitar), Panagiotis (keyboards), Nick (drums). The band had an inglorious end, after one year. From CEREMONY's ashes there was born a one man band, DARKEST OATH, with Necrochrist, the only member. In October of 1993, DARKEST OATH, entered into the famous "Storm" studio. With the evil support of Chris (guitars) and George (Keyboards), DARKEST OATH recorded the song "Ceremonial Whisper of the Ancient Goat". At the same time Necrochrist suggested to Invocation, to record a song and find a company in fact to release a split 7ep. Necrochrist's first choice was the Greek cult record label Molon Lave Records. Molon Lave asked to record another song in way to release a 7"ep. At March of 1994, Necrochrist entered into the "Storm" studio again. DARKEST OATH, recorded the song "Visions Through My Infernal Dreams" and finally the satanic 7"ep "Paradise Of The Infernal Torment" was released. After this 7"ep there was a pause for DARKEST OATH, because Necrochrist had to do his military service untill 1996. Through his military service Necrochrist lost some suggestions and parallel Molon Lave has closed. After that Necrochrist and his new members Akis and Nektarios (Guitars) and Margaret (Keyboards) entered into the "Studio 5" to record the "Promo tape 1996". Despite the fact that DARKEST OATH had recorded "Promo tape 1996", they never promoted it, in a music company, as a result for the band, to be inactive for one more time. The song "Silent Pagan Nights" was included in the CD compilation of the Greek magazine Metal Invader (Warzone 6). In 2006, Necrochrist with Vasilis (L.Guitar) and Panagiotis (Bass) recorded the "De Occulta Philosophia" demo, at the amateurish home studio of Necrochrist. Then, Necrochrist had recorded some songs by his own which never were also released. In 2013, Bowel Of Noise Brothers, the Greek ultimate metal dealers of black death doom & the occult and former members of the Greek cult black metal band, MEDIEVAL DEMON, in honour of the unholy brotherhood of the old days, suggested to Necrochrist, (also old guitarist of Medieval Demon) to release the ultimate compilation of Darkest Oath "Libations To The Ancient Goat", featuring the legendary "Paradise Of The Infernal Torment" 7"EP, Promo tape '96 and the most rare and unreleased dark spells of DARKEST OATH, one of the first black / death bands from Greece ... Cult old school black / death metal from the grave...has risen to desecrate your souls...Recorded in the cult Storm Studio. Session keys of Lucifer by Magus Wampyr Daoloth of NECROMANTIA!


Track listing

  1. Ceremonial Whisper of the Ancient Goat
  2. Visions Through My Infernal Dreams
  3. Animus et Corpus
  4. Silent Pagan Nights
  5. Lady of Evil Sorcery
  6. Black Metal Cult
  7. Zoi En Tafo
  8. Necromancy
  9. Deathwish
  10. Moonlight in My Eyes
  11. Cremation (King Diamond cover)
  12. Throne of Rising Sadness
  13. Blood Makes Her Smile Bright
  14. Grave Painting the Perfect Spell