Darkmoon - Seas of Unrest (CD)

Darkmoon - Seas of Unrest (CD)

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Killer US black metal from the late nineties!! Formed by members of DEMONIC CHRIST in 1997, after that band split; vocalist and guitarist Jon Vesano is also well known as a member of NILE during 2001-2005. Black / death / battle metal!


Track listing

  1. From The Moon's Mist We Arise
  2. Writhing Glory
  3. Immaculate Bloodline
  4. Wolf Cry
  5. Spirits In My Eyes
  6. Tear Soaked Ground
  7. Vengeance For Withered Hearts
  8. XUL
  9. Kings Enthroned Upon Ashes
  10. March Of The Ancients


Egregiously skilled musicians all functioning as a stable machine. This album quite reminds me of the technical aspects of Death Metal yet with the finesse and romantic nature of Black Metal. The decent production quality of this piece of material is certainly what makes this music so interesting, as every instrument excludes itself from the remainder yet remaining in time and intact. - 5/5