Darkness - The Ultimate Prophecy (2CD)

Darkness - The Ultimate Prophecy (2CD)

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DARKNËSS was performing a truly authentic and often epic heavy metal, in the tradition of the legends from the 80's. Born in the Charente area, the band has been active from 1984 to 1992. This is a real French heavy metal gem, an incredible surprise for lovers of the genre. This double CD gathers all studio recordings, as well as some tracks recorded live and at rehearsals. These songs are coming back from the past at last. DARKNËSS shared the stage with bands like KILLERS, OVERDOSE, CHARTER, KRAKEN, JINX, SQUEALER... A release that will put DARKNËSS among the biggest names in French Hard Rock. This is also a tribute to guitarist and founding member, Genns Dark (R.I.P.). Cover art, layout (28 pages booklet) and notes by Freddy Lee Dark, vocalist of DARKNËSS.


Track listing

  1. Welcome to the Darkness
  2. Screaming for the Glory
  3. Lost in the Dark
  4. Angry Skies
  5. Mindslave
  6. Legend of Darkness (Battle Cry)
  7. No More Tears
  8. I Want You to Be Mine Tonight
  9. Beyond the Realm of Gods
  10. The Kingdom of Tyrants
  11. Beyond the Realm of Gods
  12. Virgin Rust
  13. Final Folk Thrash (Die! Son of a Bitch)
  14. Prophecy
  15. Evil Night
  16. Women
  17. The Kingdom of Tyrants
  18. Nightmare Is Pleasure
  19. Lady Was Hot
  20. Tonight I Need You
  21. Wings of Devil
  22. Cry of Nothingness
  23. Kiss of Death
  24. Virgin Rust
  25. Sacrilege
  26. We Will Burn
  27. Instrumental
  28. Too Evil Night
  29. Beyond the Realm of Gods