Darkthrone - Goatlord (Original) (CD)

Darkthrone - Goatlord (Original) (CD)

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The original 1991 Goatlord instrumental recordings, sourced and mastered from Fenriz's tape! This is the foundation of what would have been DARKTHRONE's second album.

Vocals were recorded in 1994 for the 1996 Moonfog release. This 'Original' edition removes any later editions, preserving the recording as it was abandoned in early 1991 while DARKTHRONE began working towards their new sound and A Blaze in the Northern Sky.


Track listing

  1. Phantasm
  2. Hearses
  3. Possessed
  4. Below
  5. Blasphemer
  6. Rise
  7. Eclipse
  8. Wings
  9. Wolf
  10. A Blaze in the Northern Sky
  11. Trident