Darkthrone - Introducing Darkthrone (2CD)

Darkthrone - Introducing Darkthrone (2CD)

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Two disc DARKTHRONE compilation.


Track listing

  1. Cromlech
  2. Green Cave Float
  3. In the Shadow of the Horns
  4. Inn i de dype skogers favn
  5. Skald av Satans sol
  6. Triumphant Gleam
  7. Blackwinged
  8. To the Death (Under the King)
  9. Command
  10. Rust
  11. Sacrificing to the God of Doubt
  12. Too Old Too Cold
  13. Forebyggende Krig
  14. Canadian Metal
  15. The Winds They Called the Dungeon Shaker
  16. Witch Ghetto
  17. I Am the Graves of the 80s
  18. Circle the Wagons