Darkthrone - Old Star (3EP)

Darkthrone - Old Star (3EP)

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Limited 7" box-set edition of DARKTHRONE's 2019 album!

Contents: 3x 7" (1 black, 1 clear, 1 white - one song per side), lyric inserts.

Old Star displays a mastery of the art of the riff, with its 6 epic tracks taking in the best of the old school of heavy and extreme metal combined with a large dose of doom channelled through the grime of the underground. Vocalist / guitarist Nocturno Culto's production is complemented by a powerful, organic mix courtesy of Sanford Parker (VOIVOD) at Hypercube Studios. Mastering is courtesy of Jack Control. The stellar cover artistry is by Chadwick St John titled The Shepherd of the Deep.


Track listing

  1. I Muffle Your Inner Choir
  2. The Hardship Of The Scots
  3. Old Star
  4. Alp Man
  5. Duke Of Gloat
  6. The Key Is Inside The Wall