Day of the Dead (1985) (Blu-ray + DVD) Day of the Dead (1985) (Blu-ray + DVD)

Day of the Dead (1985) (Blu-ray + DVD)

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A Night of living terror led to a Dawn of false hope, but nothing before will prepare you for the darkest Day the world has known!
Below ground in a fortified installation, scientists conduct experiments to understand the virus that has turned humanity into flesh-hungry zombies. Isolated and deprived of natural light, the researchers begin clashing with their military protectors and it soon becomes apparent that their co-dwellers are just as dangerous and unpredictable as the zombies gathering to enter their safe haven... Director George A. Romero follows Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead with this stark, unflinching sequel that stands as the series' most gritty and astoundingly gory instalment.

Special Features

  • Reversible sleeve featuring new artwork illustration cover and alternate original poster artwork
  • Collector's booklet 'For Every Dawn there is a Day' by critic and author Calum Waddell
  • Gloriously remastered HD feature
  • Optional 5.1 Surround / 2.0 Stereo Audio (DTS-HD Master Audio on the Blu-ray)

Blu-ray Disc 1 & DVD Disc 2 Contain

  • Dual Format presentation of the Theatrical Feature on High Definition Blu-ray and Standard Definition DVD
  • Commentary with the special effects team including Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger, Everett Burrell and Mike Deak
  • Joe of the Dead
  • Travelogue

DVD Disc 3 Contains

  • The Many Days of Day of the Dead
  • Behind the Zombie footage
  • Romero Zombography
  • Photo Album of the Dead
  • Souvenirs of the Dead
  • Night and Dawn Trailers
  • The audio recollections of Richard Liberty
  • TV Ads of the Dead
  • Wampum Mine Promo


  • Genre: Horror
  • Year: 1985
  • Format: Blu-ray / DVD, PAL, Colour
  • Language: English (5.1 Surround / 2.0 Stereo)
  • Region: FREE
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
  • Classification: 18
  • Run Time: 259 minutes
  • More info: External


It seems obvious for fans of the cult classic - the Blu-ray is the way to go - what a package from Arrow. Highly recommended! - 5/5