db Pedersen - Carrot Carrot (CD)

db Pedersen - Carrot Carrot (CD)

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db is a folk artist who has rambled around the world getting loaded, making trouble, and breathing fire. At some point, he lands himself on a sheep farm in rural Wisconsin where he screamed towards the sun until his vocal chords broke. From then on, whenever he belted out his cries, his throat emitted a heavenly multi-tonal song. Some call this style of singing throat singing, most often identified with the Tuvans such as Huun Huur Tu. However, db does a lot more than just traditional throat singing: he is a skilled nature mimic, recreating the sounds of many mammals, birds, and insects; he is a vocalist of near operatic depth and prowess. His music is a backdrop of proggy basslines navigating through psychedelic naturescapes of animal and insect sounds, bansuri flute, percussion, and minimal effects, while his throat singing soars over and through these environments. This album is a concept album, loosely based around the journey of childhood and adolescence; db has even rolled up his sleeves and written lyrics for some of these songs, though the emphasis remains on his wordless imaginary flights of vocal gymnastics. A more unique and breath-taking album you cannot find these days.


Track listing

  1. Turtle House
  2. To Leave You
  3. Walk On
  4. Turning Symbol
  5. T-Dot / S-Wave
  6. Lollipop
  7. Carrot Carrot
  8. All Hoped Up
  9. Up A Ways
  10. Jeremy
  11. @7/10ths