Death Cult - Ghost Dance (CD)

Death Cult - Ghost Dance (CD)

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The Ghost Dance album collects all releases by DEATH CULT (the band formed after the split of SOUTHERN DEATH CULT and the formation of THE CULT). Death Cult EP, Gods Zoo single with four BBC studio recordings exclusive to this 1996 remaster / reissue.


Track listing

  1. Gods Zoo
  2. Brothers Grimm
  3. Ghost Dance
  4. Horse Nation
  5. Christians
  6. A Flower In The Desert (radio session)
  7. Too Young (radio session)
  8. Butterflies (radio session)
  9. With Love (radio session)
  10. Gods Zoo (radio session)


Death Cult collects material recorded by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy prior to their success as simply the Cult; many of the songs later appeared in dramatically different versions on the group's debut album, Dreamtime. - 4/5