Death Eyes - Si la revancha fuera una opcion (EP)

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DEATH EYES first came to be in January of 2014, a merging of members from San Diego bands RATS EYES and DEATH CRISIS (hence the name) in order to form what was described by Maximum RNR as, "erratic hardcore with serious swagger and no fucks given."
Amid the angry breakdowns and evil fits of rhythmic blasts via John Cota on drums and Jimmy Armbrust on bass, the energy DEATH EYES emits is both penetrating and intemperate. Jason Blackmore adds to the collective turmoil with layers of guitar serving as gasoline thrown on an already raging flame, at times all-out raw and unrestrained and others calculated, waiting to burst forth with new assault. At the center of it all is vocalist Alberto Jurado (RIP January 2020): a force to be reckoned with, a larger than life personality that has the seemingly effortless ability to take attention by force and keep it for the duration of a set. Lyrics are as likely to be in Spanish as English, alternating between the two fluidly and with fierce confidence. His delivery works in the same way, vacillating between spoken-style lyrics and all consuming caterwauls, wild-eyed stares and flailing body in tow.


Track listing

  1. Life
  2. NPI
  3. The Lesser Evil
  4. Lacra
  5. Si La Revancha Fuera Una Opcion