Deathchain - Ritual Death Metal (Digibook CD)

Deathchain - Ritual Death Metal (Digibook CD)

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Limited edition foil stamped digibook.

Each member sports an impressive curriculum vitae of musical misbehaviours ... Finnish extreme metal scene (FORGOTTEN HORROR, DEMILICH, DEATHBOUND, AJATTARA), and THE ANCIENT ONES. But it's the sheer intensity of its music that has put DEATHCHAIN at the top of the foodchain as unlike others, they've taken their time to shed their previous collective skins one by one.


Track listing

  1. Voice of Sharur
  2. Stele ov the Vultures
  3. Seven Asakku Shadows
  4. Our Lady Under the Earth
  5. King Pazuzu
  6. Like Worms upon the Lands
  7. Tiamat's Eyes of Death
  8. Abzu Doom