Deathhammer - Evil Power (CD)

Deathhammer - Evil Power (CD)

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Killer early 80's worshipping thrash metal from Norway! Inspired by the gods especially the Germans and Canadians!

Once again, DEATHHAMMER are firmly committed to their blackthrashing metal here, storming with vengeance as if 1985 never ended, braving nuclear winter and eternal devastation, but make no mistake: Evil Power is no repeat of past glories. Like those eternal bands who find a special sound and continue to expand it without losing their identity, DEATHHAMMER render Evil Power a rollicking ride through past, present, and future, at once rawer and more refined, more manic and also more measured - but always, always VERY METAL. Because when all is said and done, Evil Power will always prevail!


Track listing

  1. Warriors of Evil
  2. Total Metal
  3. Satan is Back
  4. Powertrip
  5. Sinner's Possession
  6. Belial's Curse
  7. Rot in Shreds
  8. Omen of the Beast


I call it old school and from the start with Warriors of Evil you can understand it; it starts like a Thrash classic however the Black vitriol can be felt, the vocal style is on the verge of mayhem, however it is entangled with the music perfectly... MASTERPIECE... - 5/5