Debauchery - Dead Scream Symphony (CD)

Debauchery - Dead Scream Symphony (CD)

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The lesser known project of Akhenaten (JUDAS ISCARIOT). This is their only release! Originally released in 2003. Features Thrawn Thelemnar (SECRETS OF THE MOON) on drums.

Ritualistic black metal with a strong horrific atmosphere. Dead Scream Symphony is a conceptual masterpiece of dark and aggressive emotions.


Track listing

  1. Intro - Purification Rites
  2. Human Waste Eroticism
  3. Dead Scream Symphony
  4. Ritual Flagellation of Aura
  5. The Moaning Whores of Eternity
  6. Prelude to Death (Satanized cover)
  7. Passed to an Eternal Silence