Decapitated Christ - The Perishing Empire of Lies (CD)

Decapitated Christ - The Perishing Empire of Lies (CD)

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DECAPITATED CHRIST was formed back in September 2005 by founding members BlastHagel (drums), Ghorth (guitars) and Lutt (bass & vocals) with the only aim to resurrect the spirit of the true old school metal of the early 90s, and as a revolt against trendy, money-focused, so called new and modern metal.


Track listing

  1. Entering
  2. Burning Down the Holy Ground
  3. Collapsing
  4. Death into the Crypts
  5. Suffering
  6. Invoration of the Ancient Ones
  7. Marching
  8. Black Rites for the White Pope
  9. Burning
  10. The Cannibal Instinct
  11. The Rise and Decay of the Chosen Messiah
  12. Sacrificial Suicide (Deicide cover)
  13. The Thousand Faces of One Same Lie
  14. Those Who Bring You Hell