Decapitated - Humans Dust (DVD)

Decapitated - Humans Dust (DVD)

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Polish death metal. Includes footage from the following concerts:
Krakow, October 2002
Ozzfest, Katowice, May 2002
Metalmania Festival, Katowice, March 2002

Interviews with:
Vitek and Vogg, Krakow 2002
Vogg and Sacron, Ozzfest 2002
Sauron and Martin, Metalmania 2002

Plus: Winds of Creation video, photo gallery, more.


Track listing

  1. Nihility
  2. Eternity Too Short
  3. Way to Salvation
  4. Spheres of Madness
  5. Names
  6. Winds of Creation
  7. Babylon's Pride
  8. Suffer the Children (Napalm Death cover)
  9. Spheres of Madness
  10. Eternity Too Short
  11. Babylon's Pride
  12. Three-Dimensional Defect
  13. Lying and Weak
  14. Mother War
  15. Sensual Sickness
  16. Spheres of Madness
  17. The Negation
  18. Interview with Vitek and Vogg, Kraków, 2002
  19. Interview with Vogg and Sauron, Ozzfest, Katowice, 2002
  20. Interview with Sauron and Martin, Metalmania Festival, Katowice, 2004
  21. Winds of Creation (Video Clip)