Deceased - As the Weird Travel On (2021 Reissue) (LP)

Deceased - As the Weird Travel On (2021 Reissue) (LP)

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As the Weird Travel On was DECEASED's first full-length of all-new material since 2000's classic Supernatural Addiction. In many ways, the album is both a continuation of and reaction to the briskly headbanging Supernatural Addiction, perhaps DECEASED's most straightforwardly heavy metal recording. Whilst retaining frontman King Fowley's unmistakably epic style of storytelling, the pace is quickened again much like 1997's breakthrough labyrinth Fearless Undead Machines or even their earlier, more deathrashing material, but each of these eight taut 'n' tight tracks take strange twists that only heighten the classic horror creepiness. Elsewhere, the 48 total minutes of As the Weird Travel is undeniably DECEASED through and through, and every increasingly addicting spin reveals new secrets. Discover this often-overlooked gem again, or for the first time, back on vinyl - where it belongs!


Track listing

  1. The Kept
  2. The Funeral Parlour's Secret
  3. A Witness to Suspiria
  4. Unwanted Memories
  5. Missing a Pulse
  6. Craving Illness
  7. A Visit from Dread
  8. Fright