Dehuman - Black Throne of All Creation (CD)

Dehuman - Black Throne of All Creation (CD)

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Founded in 2006 by a bunch of young 90s US death metal fans, DEHUMAN has been making a name for itself through regular concerts alongside established bands (ARKANGEL, HANGMAN'S CHAIR) and touring with legends such as AGATHOCLES (Europe, twice) or MASTER (Europe and UK, twice).
Black Throne of All Creation, their debut full-length, recorded at the Blackout studio (ENTHRONED, CORPUS CHRISTI, EMPTINESS), confirms DEHUMAN as one of the rising forces of the European death metal scene and recalls the golden age of the genre with its musical references to DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, MERCYLESS, PESTILENCE and others, building on the foundations of the great ancients a style of its very own, mixing a remarkable sense of melody and song-writing and a great dose of aggression and heaviness. Not knowing how young these dudes are, you'd for sure believe, listening to their debut, the band's around since 20 years hearing how mature it is.


Track listing

  1. Apocalypse and Perdition
  2. Monstrosity in the Hands of God
  3. Eyes of a Thousand
  4. Spiral of Loss
  5. Down with the World
  6. Harvest the Sun
  7. Cast of Assassination
  8. Black Mamba
  9. Path to Oblivion