Deiphago - Anthology (CD)

Deiphago - Anthology (CD)

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Cult Satanic death! Collects early, rare and unreleased material:
Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary (demo, 2006)
Satan Cult Baphomet (EP, 2008)
"Heavenly Father (PROFANATICA cover)" (previously unreleased)
"Sex, Drinks & Metal" (SARCÓFAGO cover) (from Beer Extermination Camp compilation LP)
XCIII EP, 2011)
Excharge (DEIPHAGO side from the 2011 split with NUCLEARHAMMER)
Accept the Mark (DEIPHAGO side from the 2012 split with RITUAL COMBAT).


Track listing

  1. Death to Everything
  2. Rapeslay of the Virgin Mary
  3. Sacrifice for Satan
  4. Intro: Pestilence
  5. Satan Cult Baphomet
  6. Sadistic Ritual
  7. F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off the Melodic Black Metal!) (Sarcófago cover)
  8. Heavenly Father (Profanatica cover)
  9. Sex, Drinks & Metal (Sarcófago cover)
  10. Intro: Damnation
  11. Backmask Prayer
  12. Hail Mary Inanna
  13. Punk's Not Dead (The Exploited cover)
  14. Sex and Violence (The Exploited cover)
  15. Beast of Annihilation
  16. The Last Slaughter (Sarcófago cover)