Demonaz - March of the Norse (Digipak CD)

Demonaz - March of the Norse (Digipak CD)

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Most know him as one of the founding members, guitarist and lyricist for the legendary IMMORTAL - but now DEMONAZ strikes back with his first solo album, "March Of The Norse"! Aiding him are Ice Dale (I, ENSLAVED, AUDREY HORNE) on guitars and bass, and Armagedda (former IMMORTAL drummer, I) on drums. The result is a breathtaking and epic slab of unrelenting and pure 80s old school metal in the vein of such legends as BATHORY! Or as DEMONAZ himself calls it: Norse Metal! "I hate trends and all kinds of hypes. I am DEMONAZ and I do what I want!" says the headstrong Norwegian, and if you check out "March Of The Norse" you know exactly what he means - no compromises, just ten timeless and classic blackened and beautiful metal tunes!


Track listing

  1. Northern Hymn
  2. All Blackened Sky
  3. March Of The Norse
  4. A Son Of The Sword
  5. Where Gods Once Rode
  6. Under The Great Fires
  7. Over The Mountains
  8. Ode To Battle
  9. Legends Of Fire And Ice
  10. Dying Sun Bonus