Demoncy - Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost (2017 Reissue) (CD)

Demoncy - Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost (2017 Reissue) (CD)

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DEMONCY's second major release after Faustian Dawn. Cult US black metal.


Track listing

  1. Nighthood of the Moonlit Realm
  2. Abysmal Shores of the Dark Lands Beyond
  3. Winter's Ancient Slumber
  4. The Final Battle for Our Glorious Satanic Empire
  5. Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost
  6. Commencement of the Dark Crusades


I guarantee you will not be able to remain placid or 'neutral' in the face of this album's power. This album displays, to me, why black metal is widely considered the most powerful of musical forms, and I believe these songs are so persuasive, at the last estimate, that they are the best possible evidence for why black metal was invented in the first place. They are a summation of sorts, an end, a final summit. I applaud Ixithra and the rest of Demoncy for releasing this epic art into the public's notice, and I applaud the skill, determination, and pure musical talent that breathes in the dark spaces of this original release. What will the future bring for this band? Only time will tell. - 5/5