Demonomancer - Poisoner of the New Black Age (CD)

Demonomancer - Poisoner of the New Black Age (CD)

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A complete collection of DEMONOMANCER recordings to this point, including demos and splits.


Track listing

  1. Intro - Gatered of Tantrical Despotal Hate / Goatorgasm
  2. Father of Necromancy
  3. Vicious Violated Graves
  4. Astarte Liturgical Sodomancer
  5. Invoking the Rectal Birth of Christ
  6. Black Candles Inside the Rotten Virgin Mary Pussy
  7. Sucubo Archaic Dominant
  8. Twisted Unholy God's Rectum
  9. Christ Mary Horny Stench
  10. Christ Anal Insemination Ritual
  11. Molesting Holy Dead Flesh
  12. Degenerated Satan Semen
  13. Intro (Black Tongues from the Unholy Black Ancient Snakes) / Lakesis Attack from Seol
  14. The Black Uriner Cloaker
  15. Storming Blood and Lava
  16. Under the Guillotine of Satan
  17. Demonomantia Spectral
  18. Aborted Holy Bastard
  19. Corrupter of the Pestilent New Age
  20. Christendom Cumslut
  21. Black Mass Raper
  22. Chemical Warfare Unleashed / Outro Terrortodox