Destroyer 666 - Cold Steel... for an Iron Age (2011 Reissue) (CD)

Destroyer 666 - Cold Steel... for an Iron Age (2011 Reissue) (CD)

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With their third album "Cold Steel... for an Iron Age" DESTROYER 666 continued their steep climb in the favour of fans and critics alike. The Australian warmongers were received with praise like "Hail and kill indeed" in a 9/10 review from Terrorizer UK or described like "Destroyer 666 offer the best of their Black/Thrash know-how, refined with the usual Australian vice" in Rock Hard France (8/10). With time its impact even grew as Encyclopaedia Metallum now awards this album a 100% review twice, while saying: "Cold Steel is pretty much a perfect album. It is fast, intense, and aggressive and most of all, incredibly infectious"! Now this modern classic will be re-released in an irresistible package. The new version not only includes the bonus track "The Dragon", but the Australians also treated their masterpiece to a spectacular brand-new graphic design with liner notes. This is clearly a must have for all DESTROYER 666 fans!


Track listing

  1. Black City - Black Fire
  2. Clenched Fist
  3. Cold Steel...
  4. Sons of Perdition
  5. Raped
  6. The Calling
  7. Savage Pitch
  8. Witch Hunter
  9. Shadow
  10. The Dragon


While fans of the "Violence is the Prince of this World" days might miss the grainy war metal edge which these Aussies helped promulgate, those who appreciate their recent melodic/black thrash leanings will devour "Cold Steel..".KK Warslut's distinct style is pervasive in both the guitar work and vocals, with tracks like "Witchhunter" and "Savage Pitch" providing at least two $20 songs. "Black City- Black Fire" is nothing less than a new anthem, and will lift your spirits in mere seconds with its furious pageantry. - 5/5