Destroyer 666 - Defiance (CD)

Destroyer 666 - Defiance (CD)

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The latest album from the Australian warriors!!
The fourth full-length album of these warheads overwhelms all resistance by massive strikes of crushing riffs and constantly pushing guitars that have been a trademark of the Australians since their debut album Unchain the Wolves.


Track listing

  1. Weapons of Conquest
  2. I am Not Deceived
  3. Blood for Blood
  4. The Barricades are Breaking
  5. Stand Defiant
  6. Path to Conflict
  7. A Thousand Plagues
  8. Human all too Human
  9. Sermon to the Dead
  10. The Truth


D666 may not have been able to come up with quite the successor to "I Am the Wargod" (though "A Stand Defiant" is definitely a solid attempt), but they have certainly gained in terms of consistency - to the extent that Defiance becomes my favourite album of theirs. This is also by far the most enjoyable record of its kind I heard in 2009, and I'm sure I will continue to go back to it in 2010. - 5/5