Destruction - Spiritual Genocide (Digibook CD)

Destruction - Spiritual Genocide (Digibook CD)

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German thrash legends 30th anniversary album! Limited edition version features bonus tracks and special 30th anniversary patch!


Track listing

  1. Exordium
  2. Cyanide
  3. Spiritual Genocide
  4. Renegades
  5. City of Doom
  6. No Signs of Repentance
  7. To Dust You Will Decay
  8. Legacy of the Past
  9. Carnivore
  10. Riot Squad
  11. Under Violent Sledge
  12. Princess of the Night Bonus
  13. Carnivore (Special version featuring Olly and Harry) Bonus


DESTRUCTION might not be reclaiming the older, raw sound that so many seem to want, but Spiritual Genocide is expanding their modern era with touches of variety in their writing. It's another stunning effort from these German Thrash gods and one that I happily devoured. - 5/5