Destructo Swarmbots - The Mountain EP (CD)

Destructo Swarmbots - The Mountain EP (CD)

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A 3" CD packaged in a standard jewel-case, The Mountain EP finds DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS exploring a more delicate and subtle space than previous releases. The 2 man guitar and bass team, known for it's abrasive sonic attacks, take their layers of manipulated dissonance and situate them in subtle ambient landscapes. The tracks range from "36 beautiful songs" which plays like an condensed and intensified version of Fripp and Eno's An Index of Metals to the somber "saving grace on an 8 hour connection" which finds the group delving into more traditional melodic structures.


Track listing

  1. 36 Beautiful Songs
  2. Saving Grace on an 8 Hour Connection
  3. Holy Innocents