Deverills Nexion - Collected Works (CD) Deverills Nexion - Collected Works (CD)

Deverills Nexion - Collected Works (CD)

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Hear ye! For all the good and evil in Man. DEVERILLS NEXION. All Musick recorded between the years 122-124yf. Wessez, England by Liesmaic and Laura.

Collecting all previously released recordings performed by the Deverills Nexion: the two Sinister Musick volumes, Voice of the Deverills and their contribution to the Galactic Reich compilation. All of these previous releases were made available as limited cassettes and all are now unavailable - we do not expect to restock any of the previous tapes at this time.
Exclusive to this CD collection is an additional, previously unreleased recording - Fossils from the Devil's Bed Chamber.


Track listing

  1. Aosoth (As an Introduction and Departure)
  2. Through the Wooded Entryway (A Deeper Introduction Still)
  3. The Stream Speaks of Them (Agios O Baphomet)
  4. Guardian of Lonely Glades
  5. Darkness Rise Over the Deverills
  6. Arboreal Spirits
  7. Womb of Chalk-Soil, Unhold Your Son
  8. Daytime Moonlight
  9. The Recalling
  10. From Secret Earthgate, Enter!
  11. Their Songs Never Cease
  12. Deverills Winter Melody
  13. The Byrch Knoll
  14. She Rows a Boat in a Black Pool
  15. Septagonal Hilltemple
  16. Davcina
  17. Deverills Autumn Melody I
  18. Two Thousand Years Hence (from Galactic Reich compilation)
  19. Fossils from the Devil's Bed Chamber (Abandoned and Unreleased)