Diavolos - You Lived Now Die (Cassette)

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DIAVOLOS comprise among their members metal vets Tas Danazoglou (SATAN'S WRATH, ex-ELECTRIC WIZARD) and Taneli Jarva (ex-IMPALED NAZARENE, ex-SENTENCED). Fittingly, the quintet's You Lived, Now Die is an unabashed throwback to the original wave of 1980s death metal, long before blastbeats and gore became de rigeur. Think early ONSLAUGHT, DEATH during their MANTAS days, Metal Blade-era SLAYER, debut-era BATHORY, MASTER, and of course POSSESSED.


Track listing

  1. Diavolos Rising
  2. Come to Salem
  3. Hail All Evil
  4. Piss in Holy Water
  5. You Lived, Now Die!
  6. Baptized in Vomit
  7. Demonwhore
  8. Curse, Bleed, Die
  9. Totencorpse
  10. Death Metal


It's impressive that the band can play this style of nostalgic death metal and still sound relevant and not like some rehashed, watered down album that came three and a half decades late. A few surprising moments are scattered throughout, but the band mostly sticks with a pummeling blend of death, thrash and speed metal with a blackened air. - 4/5