Dimmu Borgir - For all tid (CD) Dimmu Borgir - For all tid (CD)

Dimmu Borgir - For all tid (CD)

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Dimmu Borgir

Formed 1993 in Jessheim, Norway

DIMMU BORGIR's debut album. Includes the Inn i evighetens mørke EP (released by Necromantic Gallery Productions in 1994) as bonus!


Track listing

  1. Det nye riket
  2. Under korpens vinger
  3. Over bleknede blåner til dommedag
  4. Stien
  5. Glittertind
  6. For all tid
  7. Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppene
  8. Raabjørn speiler draugheimens skodde
  9. Den gjemte sannhets hersker
  10. Inn i evighetens mørke Part 1
  11. Inn i evighetens mørke Part 2


Laying down the blueprint for their own career as well as the careers of countless imitators, For All Tid is one of the landmarks of the Scandinavian black metal scene. Although several other artists had already planted the seeds for the neo-opera approach to the genre, this was one of the few recordings that displayed the potential the genre had to grow. - 4/5